About our Nursery


  • Great Lakes Ornamentals was founded  on five acres in 1987, by Eric Morrow. Eric has a bachelors degree in horticulture from Michigan State University,. Great Lakes Ornamentals provides trees for landscapers, and garden centers throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. Currently, we have over 30,000 trees in production; have annual sales  of over 5000 trees; and are growing over 150 species/cultivars on 65 acres.


  • We are located approximately one  mile  from  Lake  Michigan  on  Blue Star Hwy    (68th Street) in Ganges Michigan ; USDA Hardiness Zone 6.
  • Our soil varies, but in general, it is a sandy loam, which makes for good firm root balls.

Significant Production Practices

  • Great Lakes Ornamentals takes an Integrated Pest Management approach towards its production.
  • We start with hardy, pest resistant, quality plant material.
  • Trickle irrigation is utilized in order to efficiently apply moisture and some nutrients.
  • Proper nutrition is a must. Split applications of granular fertilizers are timely applied, and based on soil testing.
  • In order to manage soil organic matter, reduce erosion, and minimize soil compaction from equipment, we sow a companion planting of grass between the rows of trees.
  • It is our feeling that vigorous, quality trees can only be produced where weeds are adequately controlled. We therefore control weeds by mowing, cultivating,  and applying herbicides as needed.
  • Insects, disease, and vertebrate pests are managed based on monitoring, and prior year’s experiences.
  • Winter structural, and light summer pruning and training are undertaken in order to better ensure a quality tree crown.

Harvesting Practices

  • All trees are machine dug, using wire baskets, sisal twine, and 10 oz. treated burlap. Tree crowns are carefully tied, and trunk guards are used.
  • Ball sizes are in accordance with the American Standards for Nursery Stock.
Terms, Warranty & Delivery 
  • Terms: FOB our nursery. 25% down; balance upon receipt, unless credit established. Once  established,  Net 30.   Overdue accounts will be charged  1.5%  per month     (18% annually). Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Warranty: We warrant plants true to name and to be healthy and vigorous in our nursery. We do not guarantee plants in any manner after they have left our grounds.
  • Delivery: “TO THE JOB SITE DELIVERY” is available and encouraged. Please inquire. Delivery of smaller orders are made with our trucks. Larger orders are made by Semi and can be arranged at cost.
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